Live Performance Concepts

For live performance of my work, I used Ableton as a live looper being controlled by a MIDI device.

For drum loops, I dropped a ‘groove’ onto an empty clip and turned the quantisation up to 100%. This allowed any slightly off drum hits to automatically slide back into time.

Here is a video of Onra performing on two MPCs looping samples live:

I used similar techniques to Onra, using pads to trigger and loop samples. For my performance at NMIT Fairfield, I used an Akai MPK 25 MIDI keyboard. The 12 pads were used to loop drums and one shot samples live, and the keys were used to record and loop synth and bass clips live. I also controlled various audio effects such as filter cut-off with knobs, which Onra also demonstrates.

For my performance at NMIT Greensborough, I used Ableton Push. I used Push to record live into clips, to trigger certain clips in ‘Session mode’, and to control various synth parameters and audio effects.

Here’s an example of some one performing a song live with Push:





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